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Public showings Lyubov Arkus “Anton near here”

April 2, at KSPU them . VP Astafeva hosted an open screening of Love Arkus “Anton near here .”

This day does not randomly selected for the show known in Russia and abroad about the fate of the film , an autistic boy . It was April 2 is International Day for the dissemination of information about autism . Organizer of social and important event was the International Institute of autism , created in KSPU them . VP Astafeva March 27 this year.

According to Yuri Moskvich , Provost KSPU them . VP Astafeva for strategy development and international cooperation , the institute lofty goals and big plans :

– We want to help children with autism spectrum disorders and their parents to be talented , capable and happy. We want to train new professionals who can work not only in Russia but also abroad with well-known scientists from other countries. Today, Russia – a country that is able to find the human and financial resources to help specific groups of children in difficult situations.

Screening of the film “Anton near here ,” followed by student performances, the general gist of which was the motto of the event , “We know that you are – we are close ! “. Also, the International Institute for Autism in conjunction with KROO “Light of Hope” an exhibition of photographs and works of autistic children.

Hyde Park after the film had been invited experts who spoke about the film and the problem that it addresses :

Natalia Koptseva , philosopher , cultural , social activist , an expert in the field of ontology and epistemology, philosophy of art , history, philosophy and the history of religions

– Hero of the film Love Arkus are not needed are the people who surround him, and those that want to do something for him, and those that do not do anything . Why then a movie?

The authors of the concept of humanistic psychiatry completely changed the view of people like the hero of this documentary . It’s not Anton and people like him need us , that we need such people. And the director of the film over the entire picture the idea of humanistic psychology is very tough , very stylish, very severely brings to us. Every person who touched the fate of Anton , went through his own Calvary and was revived completely different.

I am very glad that in the Krasnoyarsk Pedagogical University the showing of this film, I am very glad that in the Krasnoyarsk Pedagogical University established the International Institute of autism. University took the extremely heavy in this country mission. I wish you strength and luck.

Christina Daurova , art director of the project Siberia.doc

– First of all , thank you to the organizers of the show – Krasnoyarsk Pedagogical University – for being reminded that April 2 – it’s not just a calendar day. Secondly, I would like to express my admiration for the author of the film Love Arkus . This is truly a masterpiece.

Shoot myself incredibly difficult, much more difficult than about others . The film ” Anton near here ” – a confession. Confession ‘s film about how a person can become a close , which filmed.

In films on social issues is very important not to cross the line between sympathy and pity . Lyubov Arkus managed to accomplish this task – we see a strong personality and ourselves become stronger.

Indira Agayev , Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department for Special Education

– Today, much has been said about children with autism : the children are quite interesting , but poorly studied in the field of special education . Who are the children with autism ? This sverhranimye , hypersensitive , self-absorbed from the real world kids . If we look at the statistics, as of today, to 10,000 newborns have 15-20 cases of children with autism. And the number of children increases. In reality, they often have to adjust to us, under the majority. Often, society does not understand or accept them . Love Arkus found a very appropriate name for the movie – “Anton near here .” And in reality, these people – not like us – are living next to us.

Vadim Kozhevnikov , MD , Professor, Department of Special Psychology KSPU them . VP Astafeva

– In fact, this is a film about love. The fact that the man in order to develop, to grow need to be loved . If a person feels unloved , he is forced to take cover , go to, fenced off from the outside world . But what is the worst thing a man can not love.

Inna Sukhorukov , mother child with ASD , the representative KROO “Light of Hope”

– It is important to note that each image that was featured in the film – a collective image . Such as Anton tens, hundreds, thousands , and they have the same problem. And every mother of the child , as the mother of Anton , is facing the same problems and just worry about the future of their child. But to have such a child – this is happiness . It is the engine : it makes us cleaner, it makes us better , it makes us wiser and smarter.

Anatoly Goh , father a child with ASD , the representative KROO “Light of Hope”

– Our children – bright people, full of love. We will help our children to the end of his days . But sometimes we do not have the strength , knowledge, and skills. And I thank those people who have chosen the mission of helping to solve our problem .

Finally, the Director of the International Institute of autism Elena Chereneva appealed to the guests of the University , students , teachers :

– I want to encourage you not to be indifferent , not to be pedestrians going past people with special educational needs. We must remember that the children grow up , and the baby , who graduated from a special remedial school, do not fly away to another planet. These are the people next to us and we have the opportunity to be in relation to them a little kinder , deeper, purer, more merciful.