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Online distance learning programme: Autism Spectrum/Dr. Olga Bogdashina

We are currently enrolling for our online distance learning programme: Autism Spectrum, completed over a year of study.

This programme will be of particular interest to those who are working (or going to work) with children and adults with autistic spectrum disorders in the home, classroom or residential environment. Psychologists, teachers, speech therapists, learning support assistants, residential social workers and parents will be among the people who will find this course useful.

Three modules:  from  4th January 2016  to  28th June 2017,   from  18th September  to  15th December 2017.


The course is self-paced and takes 270 hours to complete.   Successful completion of the course will result in University Certificate: Autism Spectrum.

You will be tutored by Hon. Prof of KSPU, Dr. Olga Bogdashina 

This course is intended to challenge you to explore new ways of understanding the autism spectrum (AS). This is done through the evaluation of theoretical definitions and classifications but also from the personal testimonies of individuals on the spectrum. This is complemented by webinars and group discussions. The varied teaching approaches encourage students to engage in discussions, exchange views and share expertise.

This course is unique as it is intended to attract a wide range of students from different countries – who wish to learn not only about autism, but also share their experiences – it will help us all to learn about the situation with understanding and treatment of autism in different countries. In a way, it is an innovative anthropological approach to understanding of autism.

Fee €90 per each module.

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